By : Sally Valentine

May 20 2016

May 20, 2016 Hello, Friend

I’ve been discovering that my grandkids are much better at social interactions with their peer group than I am. No matter where we go, if there are other kids close to their ages, they approach them with the eager words, “Do you want to play with me/us?” At times they’ve even tried to introduce me. “Ahma, come and meet my new friend.” Sometimes they don’t bother to find out New Friend’s name. Every new acquaintance is simply Friend. I wish I could take some responsibility for this ease in social settings, but I can’t. I’m not sure my children can either. The credit goes to Penfield United Methodist Preschool where names are honored, but ultimately everyone is Friend. What an equalizer!

So what if we acted like preschoolers (minus the tantrums) and welcomed those we meet into our social circle, not stopping to consider their race, looks, clothes, or occupation?  What if we looked upon each new person we meet as a potential friend? What if we invite them to play with us? I’m willing to try it. How about you?

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