By : Sally Valentine

April 30 2015

April 30, 2015 Next

Here we are – the last day of April. This is the last poem I’ll be posting for a while, but I’ll be out looking for poetry in everything I see and do. How about you?




So long, April.

It’s been fun, but just one of those flings.

Didn’t I tell you I wasn’t looking

for a permanent relationship?

I felt like such a fool the day we met

after that long protest march,

but you showered me with

bright sunny days,

wild, windy nights.

Remember that day we thought our love had died?

Not a good Friday,

but by Sunday, love was alive again.

Up, down, round the town. That was us.

Look, it’s been great,

but I’m late for another date.

See ya next year.


Well, Hello, Hon. What’s your name?



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