By : Sally Valentine

April 28 2015

April 28, 2015 After Eden

This poem is for all of you gardeners who are anxious to get back at it.   After Eden   Weeds will make you crazy. The devil’s in the dirt. They’re crowding out my daisies, Those devils in the dirt. They’re crowding out my daisies. My ground here must be cursed. Weeds will make you […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 27 2015

April 27, 2015 Poema

Just for fun, I’m posting a Spanish poem that I found in an old poetry folder that dates back to when I studied Spanish for four years in high school.   Los invisibles átomos del aire en derredor palpitan y se inflaman; el cielo se deshace en rayos de oro; la tierra se estremece alborozada; […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 26 2015

April 26, 2015 Thanksgiving

I know it’s not November, but it’s never the wrong time of year for giving thanks. THANKSGIVING I appreciate your time and your indulgence, God because I give so little of my time to you. I thank you for an unstubbed toe this month and leaving me with no more bruises      on a tired and […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 25 2015

April 25, 2015 Mud Time

Our church and lots of other organizations are having Spring Clean-up Day today. These two stanzas from Robert Frost’s “Two Tramps in Mud Time” seem to describe today’s weather very well. The sun was warm but the wind was chill.You know how it is with an April dayWhen the sun is out and the wind […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 24 2015

April 24, 2015 More Treasures

Here are three more poems that I especially like from the treasure trove of Verdun Rose Griepp. Like any young woman, Verdun wrote a number of poems about  love, but I chose not to share those. Instead, I like these first two that reveal more of herself and her voice, and the third that uses a voice […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 23 2015

April 23, 2015 Treasure Trove

Today a found a treasure trove of poetry. My friend Faith shared with me a notebook of poems written by her mother, Verdun Rose Griepp, back in the 1930’s. I was surprised and pleased to find that some of the poems were written in the form of cinquains. Verdun has passed away, but Faith gave me […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 23 2015

April 22, 2015 Thunderstorm

This week I had the opportunity to present a poetry workshop to some homeschoolers at the Avon Free Library. They were an attentive group and lots of fun to work with. They collectively wrote this cinquain about a thunderstorm, choosing this theme because they had all experienced a thunderstorm the night before. Cinquains typically don’t have titles. […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 21 2015

April 21, 2015 1969

Today is the birthday of my twin nieces. I don’t think they’d mind me revealing that their birth year was 1969. This is a poem I wrote several years ago with that birthday in mind. Have a great day, Shelly and Kelly. I love you.   1969 America Left on a Jet Plane   Armstrong […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 20 2015

April 20, 2015 Beyond

My mother was born 99 years ago today. She passed away in 1997, almost 20 years ago, and I still miss her. I wrote this poem for her a couple of years ago.    For Mom on Her 97th Birthday   Beyond the stars, above the sky, Beyond the what, beyond the why,   Beyond […]

By : Sally Valentine

April 19 2015

April 19, 2015 “Spring is like a perhaps hand” or not

Today’s poem is one I wrote in response to a poetry challenge by Writers Digest. The challenge was to choose a dead poet, take one of his/her poems or just a line from the poem, and write a new poem refuting that poem. I choose the lines “Spring is like a perhaps hand (which comes carefully out […]