By : Sally Valentine

January 07 2011

Day 6

I found out today that using the treadmill or going on a dedicated walk is a necessary, but not sufficient (remember that phrase from high school geometry?) way to get 11,000 steps. I used the treadmill at the gym, but still came up short. To salvage the day, I stepped out of the snow and […]

By : Sally Valentine

January 06 2011

Day 5

Wednesday is normally my day off from the gym. Today it was even more sedentary than usual because I had three meetings. Note: Moving your legs up and down under the table does not register on the pedometer. So I’m way under in steps, but I did get to do a little bit of stepping […]

By : Sally Valentine

January 05 2011

Day 4

All this walking has gotten me thinking about eating healthier too. NO, I’m not going to log in everything I eat, but today I went to T’s restaurant in the K-Mart plaza in Webster. It’s a family place – only open for breakfast and lunch, but the food is good, the prices are reasonable, and […]

By : Sally Valentine

January 04 2011

Day 3

Another false start. I can’t believe that I forgot to wear my pedometer to the gym. I didn’t realize it until I finished my weight training and stepped onto the treadmill. So it’s only Jan. 3 and I’m already into one of those “If a tree falls in the woods” situations. Do steps taken while […]

By : Sally Valentine

January 02 2011

Day 1

So it’s day number 1 of my stepping challenge, and I’m already behind. Here’s what happened. SALLY’S PLAN A: Go to Eastview Mall and spend an hour just walking around. Then return gifts and shop the after Christmas sales. Log at least 8,000 steps.   HUSBAND GARY’S PLAN A: Go to Eastview Mall and spend only as […]

By : Sally Valentine

January 01 2011

11,000 in 2011

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog. I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. For teachers, the new year always starts in September anyway. But this year I’ve given myself a challenge. I got a pedometer (thanks, Dave) and am committing myself to walking 11,000 steps a day, 6 days a week for all […]