By : Sally Valentine

November 01 2016

November 1, 2016 You Know You’re Not in Rochester When …

A recent trip to New York City reminded me once again of how different we are from our big sister downstate. I’m sure you’ve got a list of your own, but here’s my list of how you know you’re not in Rochester anymore.

  1. You’re riding in a van from the airport, and everyone around you is speaking French.
  2. Your hotel room is on the 34th floor.
  3. You Google your destination, and it gives the route by car, subway, bus, or on foot.
  4. You’re riding on the subway when a quartet of middle-aged men walks by singing Stand By Me (while also holding a paper bag to collect tips)
  5. You pass at least a dozen Starbucks in the course of your day.
  6. You’re having dinner in a diner, and the waitstaff, all Broadway wannabes, entertain you the whole evening with one song after another, all the while also serving your food.
  7. No one orders pop, not even in the diner.
  8. You live without driving a car for a whole week.
  9. You can see the top of the Empire State Building no matter where you are.
  10. You’re walking down the street, and you happen upon a Broadway star (James Monroe Iglehart – the genie in Aladdin) doing a promo, and you leave thinking he’s your best friend.
  11. You get 12,000 steps on your fitbit without even trying.

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