By : Sally Valentine

April 29 2015

April 29, 2015 For Gary

Today is my husband Gary’s birthday so I’m posting this poem for him.

Gourmet Dining

I cooked my love a dinner
fit for kings and queens
And what did my beloved say?
“I think I’ll have some beans.”

Turkey, yams, and stuffing,
potatoes, squash and greens,
I heaped the fine food higher.
He said, “Where are the beans?”

Shrimp and clams and crabmeat
and lobster in between,
I caught and shelled and boiled.
He said, “Please pass the beans.”

I bought him fancy caviar
and wine beyond my means.
He thanked me for my effort but…
he ran to get the beans.

Pies and cakes and cookies
like none you’ve ever seen.
These I tried to tempt him with.
He said, “I’ll have more beans.”

So if you cook for Gary
forget the gourmet scene.
Just buy some stock in Campbell’s
and feed him pork and beans.


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