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  • I am a native Rochesterian and an unapologetic booster of Rochester and all of New York state. A former math teacher, I am now off on a tangent of writing     Students:  I hope you enjoy my stories and learn something about Rochester landmarks and Rochester history. Above all, keep reading.  Teachers:I hope you will download the study guides provided and consider using any or all of my books as part of your classroom instructional program. I also make classroom visits. Contact me at to make arrangements.

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I am a native Rochesterian and an unapologetic booster of Rochester and all of New York state. A former math teacher, I am now off on a tangent of writing.

STORMED has arrived. The fifth novel in my Rochester series is now available in local stores. See the schedule below to get your signed copy.

About STORMED:    Mrs. Levine and the STARfish find themselves in trouble again. It's the last day of August, and the kids of Rochester are bored. "Nothing ever happens in Rochester," complains Derrick, who will soon change his mind when an unexpected storm blows into town creating a whirlwind of trouble and activity. Reinaldo and his family, who are caught at the Rochester Public Market, are forced to take refuge at the home of the class bully. Mrs. Levine and Steven are stranded underwater at the parking garage of the Rundel Library. But lightning strikes the worst at the Seneca Park Zoo where an old oak tree falls, trapping a zookeeper and scattering the penguins. Rescue comes from an unexpected source.

Like poetry? Check out my award-winning poetry book for kids, There Are No Buffalo in Buffalo. This book is a collection of 78 poems, each about a different place in New York State. With colorful collage illustrations by Suzanne Valentine, you'll enjoy this alphabetical trip through New York State where geography, history, and whimsy meet to create a one of a kind journey. 








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The Ghost of the Charlotte Lighthouse

Is the lighthouse haunted? Find out as you read about the misadventures of 5 special students in Mrs. Levine’s 4th grade class at School #27 who call themselves the STARfish.
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Theft at George Eastman House

Who stole the valuable candlestick from George Eastman House? Lamar’s older brother Steven is accused, but is he really the thief? Join the STARfish as they explore George Eastman’s mansion, learn about photography, and solve a mystery.
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What Stinks?

An Adventure in Highland Park

Mrs. Levine and her class, including the STARfish are off on another field trip. Mayor Johnson has invited them to sing at the Lilac Festival in Highland Park. A well-planned field trip turns into disaster when an unexpected and unwanted visitor arrives.
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Lost at Seabreeze

Kids shouldn’t have to see their teachers on summer vacation, but that’s what happens when Mrs. Levine and the STARfish all show up at Seabreeze Amusement Park on the same day. Lost at Seabreeze is the fourth novel in my kids’ series, which are all set in Rochester landmarks.
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